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RPMS - Routine Preventative Maintenance Scheme


Head Office
01246 266010

Free Phone
0800 389 7051

07799 660 359

With more than 20 years experience in the industry Laser Friend has become recognised as a provider of everything printer related.

Set Fee Engineer Site Visit
Our Routine Preventative Maintenance Scheme is charged at a set fee according to the model of printer, and is no different to periodic maintenance carried out to major equipment by large companies and organisations.

When conducted annually it enables us to identify component deterioration before failure occurs.

Print Quality Check
Print quality deteriorates gradually, and generally goes un-noticed.

That is until that all important quote can't go out the door because your company image is being portrayed in the quality of the document.

Paper Path Check
Paper path rollers become glazed and paper path assemblies become contaminated with general office dust, paper dust and toner/ink residue causing the rollers to slip on the paper, resulting in paper feed and paper jam issues.

Provides Faultless Printing
A major printer manufacturer recommends that printers should undergo maintenance every 12 months or 100,000 pages whichever comes first.
Our Routine Preventative Maintenance Scheme follows that recommendation and has provided our clients with faultless printing as a result.

Prevents Costly Downtime
Your office printer is probably the most expensive piece of hardware in your office, and its performance is imperative to portray your company image.
Our Routine Preventative Maintenance Scheme prevents costly downtime, but more importantly ensures continued quality and performance from your printer.

Book an RPMS Site Visit
Simply call our office on 01246 266012, or complete our Enquiry Form for a free call back.

Is your printer and printer support suitable for your needs?

Have you ever considered upgrading your current printer/s, considered switching to managed print services, or struggled to find a company to carry out your adhoc repairs, preventative maintenance, and provide annual support?

Take a look around our website today and see what Laser Friend has to offer you.

Our team is always available to deal with your enquiry by telephone on 01246 266010 or by completing our Enquiry Form.

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